Reformer INTRO: If you have never done Pilates Reformer, YOU MUST complete our intro package before attending a class. Our job in to introduce you to the machine and the fundamentals/principals of Pilates before you signup for a class. All reformer classes are ALL LEVEL classes. However, experience is a must.

CLASSES: CLASSES ARE RESERVED ONLINE AS WELL AS PAID FOR ONLINE.  No drop in's on classes. There is a cap on all classes and signup will be honored first. Please wear appropriate attire to class. Yoga or Pilates wear is wonderful. All classes vary in time. All evening classes at 6:30pm are shorter. Classes are fifty or forty-five minutes long. Barre classes are forty-five minutes long, except Mid-week. Mat classes/ Yoga classes are 55mins. long.

Children are allowed at the studio, but must remain either seated in the studio's office or at the front, quietly.  They are not allowed on the equipment or in the space where classes are being held.

There is a 24 hour cancellation policy. You will be charged for appointments cancelled less than 24-hours in advance. Cancellations may be done  by website schedule or by email; or by phone 713-550-4777. Feel free to text at this number as well.

If your account is past due and you have been notified by email please respond with payment in order to avoid cancellation of your future appointments.

APPOINTMENTS: All private, duet or class reservations are available by appointment only, and you may reserve as many appointments as you would like, which are to be paid for at intial sign up, unless you have purchased a package. You can also have an account with a positive balance or have a credit card on file. All clients must have a credit card on file before or when booking appointments.

PAYMENTS: We accept cash, checks and credit cards. You may add money to your account online using a credit card. Accounts may be used for all services at Life Cycle Pilates. You may also pay cash or check in advace for your classes or sessions.

THERE ARE NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES. There are no extensions on packages. We will put your classes on hold due to childbirth or any surgeries etc. NOT for vacations, leisure  etc. Its at the owners discretion...............

There is no expiration date on your account. However, all packages and classes have an expiration date. Memberships are Autopay scheduled. The scheduling of autopay is charged at the end of your expiration date, and not after you have used all classes. Again, all packages have expiration dates. No rollovers or extensions allowed (unless under owners discretion).

*****PRIVATE SESSION  OR CLASSES: In order to join these classes you must sign up for the class AND call for your session. There are no make-ups or refunds for these classes.

Barre classes - three clients, minimum, per class.

REFOMER CLASSES - two clients, minimum, per class.
LCP reserves the right to cancel a class if minimum signups are not met. We also reserve the right to remove a class if numnbers are infrequently met.

In the event that one person in the duet cancels with 24 hours notice the other person will be notified and given the option of paying for a private session or canceling the appointment at no charge. If the other party cancels with less than 24 hours notice then the client canceling will be responsible for payment and the other person will pay the usual duet fee.

If you arrive early for your class, please wait in the designated "waiting area", until the class or session is complete. If Late, just quietly join us.  Please silence all cell phones and limit use to outside of studio. Please avoid using any scented products in the studio. Some clients have allergies or sensitivities to certain perfumes and lotions. During group classes, please limit conversation to pilates related questions and comments. It is important for clients to be able to hear  directions in order to stay safe and get the most out of their session.Please do not allow your child in the space of the class. Shorts should not be worn in Barre or Reformer classes. Pilates or Yoga gear is the best attire.

"We love them & require them"
We all get super sweaty from our workouts and like to keep things safe and clean. So it is Lifecycle Pilates policy that everyone is required to wear Pilates Socks.
We sell Pilates Socks at our locations for $10.00 each